Further Reflections From Common Ground: Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

Napa Valley, September 2017 — Long-time Napa Valley nurse practitioner Beth Lincoln has published her second book, Further Reflections from Common Ground: Cultural Awareness in Healthcare. With narratives by Cody Gillette Kirkham, the book’s 351 pages cover a very wide range of issues concerning cultural sensitivity in providing health care to diverse populations. The ISBN-13 is 978-1540772473; the book sells for $24.95.

In Further Reflections from Common Ground certified transcultural nurse Beth Lincoln, MSN, RN, argues for the necessity of culturally sensitive healthcare. She shows how concerned healthcare professionals must understand both their own cultural values and those of their patients. Lincoln begins by describing the barriers to healthcare and health practices caused by cultural sensitivity in providing health care, including issues of racism, prejudice, and distrust. From there, she presents thirteen vignettes highlighting the attitudes and values of ethnic and cultural groups as diverse as Hispanic Americans, the Amish, Homeless Youth, Gang culture, Prison culture, Russian American, Irish American, and the Deaf community.

Each chapter also includes exercises designed to reveal the reader’s own cultural expectations and to encourage a more diverse, inclusive approach to healthcare. Of importance to nurses, physicians, social workers, and others working in the many branches of healthcare, Further Reflections from Common Ground helps foster transcultural care that fits the needs and values of the patients, their families, and the greater community.

“Today, many of us in the health care field are unaware of the significance of such cultural knowledge. We treat all patients the same, using a Western medicine approach. But what if that is not enough? Cultural assessments are key to garnering beliefs about health, illness and healing, family roles and responsibilities during illness, the influence of religion and spirituality, and much more. Cultural knowledge and context are paramount to providing quality care that ensures good health outcomes. Can we make a difference? Yes, we can. We can if we care – care enough to spend time doing a cultural assessment on every patient we treat. Together we can make a difference in this world,” Lincoln adds.

Further Reflections from Common Ground provides real life narratives in which guides you in understanding their view of the world of health, illness and treatment. Lincoln provides self-reflective exercises throughout the book which usher the reader toward common ground with patients, colleagues and community. “I encourage readers of this book to discover the richness in the tapestry set before them. I hope they are inspired to reach out to those who are unlike themselves,” she said.

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